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Athena Christian Church

What to Expect

Per State of Oregon mandate: all gatherings of more than 25 people is banned.  Therefore, ACC will not have Sunday Worship service for the time being. 

  • The Church Office will be staffed Monday – Thursday 8 am to noon for phone calls ONLY - the church will be closed to the public and doors will be locked during this time.
  • ACC Leadership has made the following Changes:
    • A “no audience” Sunday worship service will be recorded (video and audio) and uploaded to our website weekly for Sunday morning service.
    • All meetings that are generally held at ACC will be suspended until further notice: Weekly prayer group, Small Groups, Young Disciples Youth Group, and other non-church related meetings (4-H club, etc.).
    • All other ACC small group gatherings are suspended until further notice. 

ACC leadership will assess the situation weekly and inform everyone as to any changes.

What To Expect

You’ll find a church family that is down-to-earth.  There is no need to wear a suit and tie to church here, but you are welcome to if you desire.  Come just come as you are…we’ll love you just the same.  

During the 9:30 am hour: 

The Worship Service is filled with music of praise, communion, and a message.

Nursery is available for children birth to 3 years on the main floor (same level as the worship center) next to the bathrooms. 

Children ages 3 years to 5th grade are released to Children’s Church just before the sermon, about 10 am.

During the 11:00 am hour: 

Sunday School Classes for All Ages:

Children -  The 4th – 6th graders are downstairs in room 2.  Children 3 through 3rd graders and the 7th-12th graders go to the education building just down the sidewalk toward 4th street.  The kids named it “The Ark.”  So if you hear about the Ark, it means the education building.

Adults meet in two classrooms in the basement.  We call them ABF’s, which means Adult Bible Fellowship.  You are welcome to attend either one.  We have hot coffee or tea, and water available during class time.

What will happen during the service?

If you are new to being in a church, we’d like to prepare you in advance so you understand the basics of what you will experience. See below.


Each week we spend some time singing songs about God’s love, promises and His strength to guide us through daily life.  Though the number of songs we sing sometimes changes, our music team desires to lead each person in the church to a place of humble worship.

You may see people raising their hands during the singing.  Don’t worry, this is not required by anyone, but some people choose to lift their hands as a posture of gratitude and humility before God.


This is a “remembering Jesus’ sacrifice” time for people who have chosen to follow Jesus.  Stemming from the Jewish Passover festival, communion was instituted by Jesus for us to remember His body that was sacrificed to pay for our sins and His blood that initiates a new covenant with us – allowing us to relate to God personally.  The small cracker represents His body and the cup of juice represents His life blood that He shed so we could have new life.

We offer communion every Sunday because this is what the church in the book of Acts did and we strive to do what the early church did in its practice of worship. 


Baptism is a simple illustration of being washed. It is a picture of Christ’s death and resurrection and of new birth into a reconciled relationship with God.  For details on the biblical foundation of baptism, feel free to download our Doctrinal Statement. If you are interested in discussing baptism or scheduling one, please contact Pastor Delbert Durfee at .

Financial Giving

Financial giving is an act of trusting in God to supply our needs.  The apostle Paul, instructed Timothy regarding the churches Timothy was leading, “Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share” (I Tim. 6:18).  We know that nothing we have is our own, so we choose to pool our resources and watch God do amazing things with our collective resources that we could not do individually.  Visitors are not expected to share financially unless they desire to do so.

Connection Cards

At the beginning of each service, visitors are asked to fill out a Connection Card and put it in the offering tray.  This card goes to the Welcome Team and allows us to express care and friendship to our guests. 


Sermons are given by several people at ACC.  Our sermons are recorded and placed on our website.  So if you missed a sermon or want to hear one again, click on the “sermons” button and click on the sermon title or date.  The most recent sermons are listed.  Later ones are in the archives.