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We hope our church can be a place where you connect to others and find a home. Here at our church, we believe in redemption, grace and love and, above all - the transforming power of Jesus Christ. We never arrive, but we are all committed to walking the journey together. Our dedicated team would love to connect with you and hear more of your story, and help find the best place for you to flourish. 

We're excited you're interested in learning more about who we are and joining the family!

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We believe that spiritual growth happens best in relationship alongside others. This is why we believe so strongly in small groups as a church: we need others in our lives to intentionally help us grow as disciples of Jesus. 

We would love to invite you to be a part of our next round of Community Groups coming in September. Come join the journey!

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Serve on a Team

SERVING AT Athena Christian Church


We have been blessed with teams of volunteers. They care for children, help provide meals, serve communion, help with security, play guitar…you name it, there’s a place around here to serve. Check out what’s available here at Athena Christian Church and find out how you can get connected, serving as part of a team and playing a monumental part in God’s kingdom.

We  have an online form you can fill out, and we would be happy to contact you.